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Huub Teesing – A Portfolio

Huub Teesing Portfolio

In November 2006, Mr. Huub Teesing, administrator of the Teesing cluster, received the “Ondernemersprijs Haaglanden” Award. Mr. Teesing, son of the founding father of the corporate, has been director of the corporate since 1976. beneath his supervising the corporate grew significantly, with daughter-companies within the USA and China. Among others they’re leading within the field of different energy, like gas vehicles. they provide most of the high elements for the automotive business in China and Siam.

This is a short introduction to the life and achievements of Huub Teesing.
HuubTeesing was born in Voorburg. once lyceum he studied at the Nijenrode University(BDA) in Breukelen. once Nijenrode he studied Mechanics and Productiontechnics at the Technical lyceum within the Hague. In 1973 he joined Teesing BV in Rijswijk. Since 1976 he has been the administrator of the Teesing cluster of firms, till All Saints’ Day, 2009. until Apr 2011 he was the key investor. The Management Buy-Out came about in 2 stages by workers members of the corporate. so continuity is assured. Besides the exacting job as administrator of the Teesing cluster, Huub Teesing has additionally been the president of the native industries/interests club for eight years. furthermore he has been the president of the muse for Parkmanagement (SPB), owner of a giant tenniscentre within the Hague, for over six years. during this operate he was to blame for all the investments in one in every of the biggest tennisclubs of European nation.
For four years Huub managed the highest volleyball (Ladies and Gents) – groups of lay to rest Rijswijk, taking part in within the B-League (1st division of the Netherlands).
To conclude, Huub, has additionally been terribly active within the political sphere, each native and national. He was member of the Advisoryboard of the Liberal Party for six years.

Water as a resource is that the most elementary and elementary part of life. solely but one hundred and twenty fifth of the Earth’s water is H2O accessible to be used. Considering the distress of accelerating water use in numerous areas of the planet, several researchers, like Mr. Huub Teesing from Niroy International BV, area unit investigation waste matter treatment and re-use. however that won’t be enough: H2O ought to be desalinated to contend with the increasing want for H2O used for drinking functions and irrigations. There area unit varied chemical action ways together with distillation, reverse diffusion, mixture freeze crystallization, electrical phenomenon deionization and star condensation. chemical action in step with man. Huub Teesing, will be terribly economical once the energy value area unit low. significantly star condensation, mixture crystallization and electrical phenomenon deionization will abandon the standard energy use.
On atiny low scale, the price downside will be thought-about solved , on a bigger scale prices area unit still too high, as a result of it’s still beneath investigation and ineffectuality continues to be a giant issue. Partners in Kingdom of The Netherlands work flat out to search out solutions for this international challenge.

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