Apr 15


The forces behind a balanced success are integrity, honesty, faith, character loyalty and love. All these qualities if used at proper place with perfect timings will help you move towards your success very smoothly.

If you want to be successful, like Huub Teesing, never ever let the blues take possession of you. The fear of failure is the greatest enemy of man; this enemy should be dealt with strong hands in order to gain the success you always dream of.


If you have high dreams to chase and don’t want hurdles in your way to success, try to stay away from debt. There are great risks involved in starting new business ventures and you may lose your first investment, in such situation where you yourself are new in business taking debts proves to be a drag. Even if you do not incur loss in your business but have a big debt to clear then it won’t be easy for you to manage. Wise people are never in debt, especially in the starting days of their business.


If your lifestyle has started showing that you are on right path towards success, you should start meeting people with extra caution. A successful man’s life is full of friends and foes. There are people who cannot easily digest their success and want to share their success secrets with others. All top businessmen of the world like Huub Teesing discourage this type of immature behavior.

If you really want to succeed in business never ever share your future planning with even the closest friend of yours. You never know when a friend becomes your foe, and if it does happen he might try to trap you in schemes that are harmful for you and your business.


For success you have to run your business smoothly, and for running your business smoothly you should always pay all your utility bills on time. Pay all your taxes to avoid complications that could harm your business.


Punctuality is must to run any business smoothly. If there is an order to deliver on a particular date try to complete before time, doing so will help spread good word for your firm, you will get the publicity that most of new businesses require to get known in masses and get new orders.

You have to work vigilantly in order to make your dreams come true. You have to make positive changes in your attitude and your personality on the whole so that you could make strong bond with people who work with you.

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