Mar 15


The quality of life you lead is the result of the efforts you put into it. Especially when you are a career oriented person and have gained a good position in your business you need to be lot more careful about not only your workers, but your business partners, your friends and even some family members .A businessman like HUUB TEESING  is always surrounded by thousands of people .It is really very difficult to judge between the friend and the foe.

Being a follower of HUUB TEESING you might have to face many challenges regarding the selection of people with whom you work or interact otherwise. When you become a famous entrepreneur there are a lot of mixed sentiments prevailing in the people around you, on one hand people are happy for you and on the other hand they start thinking of schemes to destroy you. Your success becomes the reason for the birth of green monster generally known as jealousy. Now is the time to monitor the success of your business with keen interest and try your utmost to eradicate the bad sentiments form the environment you are living in. There are many people who can’t give up on their jealousy towards a successful person or even his business empire; it is their second nature to draw out plans to harm the company. You might have to hire an undercover person to monitor the behavior of people working with you, just to help you get rid of people who try to harm your business by brain washing your competent staff. If the presence of such people is not under your control you should at least try to keep them at distance as HUUB TEESING might have done several times in his life. If your foe is a close relative or a childhood chum try not to discuss your business ideas with them, staying quiet would be a good idea.

To achieve the heights of success there is one quality that over powers all others and that is the quality of being a good listener. A good listener can attend seminars given by the most successful people of their time, closely watch them and pay attention to every word of guidance they utter; you never know what clicks your mind and stays there to motivate you throughout your life. If you are a good listener you might understand the success tips that many of the bad listeners might have missed.

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