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Traveled a lot but never seen enough
Seen much of the world, but not everything. Business was especially to the Middle and Far East. What a different culture and some other habits. Especially if you want to do business you have to empathize with the way of doing business as it takes place in the country where you are a guest. You want to be successful and you want the values ​​and standards of the country remain faithful. It appears one in India always 20 minutes later to get tricky if you have made other arrangements. Their appointments But keep in mind here, there is fine to live with. And ‘wobbles’ your interlocutor with the head then it usually means no. There are also in Thailand and Bangkok several facts you should know before you even here doing business. But if things are done, all the three great countries to stay. So different from the European culture with so many beautiful temples and unspoiled nature. Have always been a lot of fun and have a lot of fun working with skilled and skilled colleagues.

Holidays in the European sun
Private what remained closer to home. Especially often been to Spain. The beautiful nature, beautiful cities and sights are always a surprise. Think of Barcelona with the Sagrada Familia, but also the relaxation along many coasts. Each season the country has its own beauty. And for the history you go to Italy. Rome and Milan, where the art of past centuries are still in good condition. And with the disappearance of the borders of Macedonia is also added to the list of favorite holiday destinations. Right in the Balkans with a rugged nature, it is also a country to spend your vacation. With pleasure

The Caribbean
The Caribbean, the Dominican Republic. A climate that is sunny all year round. The hospitality and genuine smile that you see everywhere. It gives the day energy and radiant heat you can confront. With beautiful beaches where you can enjoy sun, sea and sand, it is a pleasure to be there. Will therefore still have to go even further. To the Antilles For a bit and you’re flying to Curacao. It is not yet come, but that country has still many treasures and a pleasant climate. And the great advantage is, that besides Papiamento and Spanish much Dutch spoken by the population a little break away in the sun.

New homes for the future
The world has so many beautiful places, have not seen anything yet. But I’m going to change that. If I’m just the opportunity I will visit all of the countries I’m going to keep. But new destinations will be sought and new countries will be added favorites. To the list

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